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Henry Sandman, Crossing the Ocean

Henry's thoughts must have touched upon it, walking out toward the harbor carrying all of his possessions  - similar ships that sailed before and then were written about in the papers and talked about in all the towns, ships that left to cross the ocean filled with emigrants, hopes and dreams then vanished.  It was in 1846 when he cast away his fear, prayed with his fellow adventurers and pushed off the coast of Europe forever. 

The voyage across the ocean would have been long, easily taking a month and maybe taking closer to two.  There would have been gray overcast days and tasteless meals, small talk of America and how much longer it might take to get there, rough nights or worse with thoughts about his safety and quieter ones with men smoking on the deck and sunny days, too, when the ship ran exceptionally fast, causing Henry to step to the side to feel the wind in his face and think about his future.  It was a courageous journey, especially for a boy of twelve.

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