Plan of Town of Cincinnati, Israel Ludlow, 1802
Map-Of-Cinti-sepiaPlan of Cinti. Including Additions, Drakes Statistical, 1815. The circle and no.16's (7 total) indicate Indian earthworks.
Plan of Cinti. Including Late Additions, Subdivisions, Oliver Farnsworth, 1819
Topographical Map of Cincinnati, Captain H.L. Barnum, Doolittle and Muson, 1831
City of Cincinnati From Actual Survey by Joseph Gest Map, 1838
Cincinnati, Louisville & Jeffersonville, Washington and New Orleans,1838
Topographical Map of Cincinnati, Engraved and Published by Doolittle and Muson, 1841
Plan of the City of Cincinnati, 1842
A New Map of Ohio with its Canals, Roads and Distances including a profile of the Ohio Canal and an inset map of Cincinnati, Hand colored, Samuel Augustus Mitchell Map Co., engraved by H.N. Burroughs, 1846
Map of Hamilton County, Ohio by attorney William D Emerson, C. S. Williams and Sons publisher (No. 5 W. 4th St.), includes property owner names, inset maps and detailed legend, 1847
Cincinnati, Fanning & Co., Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer of the United States, Phielps, New York, 1853
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, Drawn by B.Oertly, Lithographed and published by Otto Onken, 1855
Cincinnati, 1855
City of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, J.H. Colton & Co., 1855
Cincinnati with Covington and Newport, Williams Directory, Drawn by Gilbert and Hickenlooper, 1859
Plan of Cincinnati and Vicinity, 1860
Map of the Rail Road Line Between Loveland and Cincinnati Marietta and Cincinnati Rail Road, 1860
Map of the Business Portion of Cincinnati, William Pullen, 1863
Cincinnati, R.C. Phillips C. E., 1869
Mount Auburn, Robert H. Titus, 1869
Outline Map of Cincinnati Accompying Atlas of Cincinnati & Hamilton Co., 1869
Plan of Cincinnati and Vicinity, S. Augustus Mitchell, 1872
Map of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, PA and the City of Cinti., OH, Colton's General Atlas, G.W & C. B. Colton, 1873
Plan of Cincinnati and Vicinity, S. Augustus Mitchell, 1874
Illustrated Atlas of the Upper Ohio River Valley, E.L. Hayes, Cincinnati, Ohio and Vicinity,, 1877
Map Showing the Military Defences of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, US Army, 1877
Cincinnati, Ohio Sewerage Map, Moss Engraving Co., New York, 1880
Map of Cincinnati and Vicinity, Spencer and Craig Printing Works, includes hand-colored flood areas, 1884
Map of Hamilton County Ohio by Geo. Moessinger & Fred. Bertsch., March 1884
Cincinnati, Rand, McNally & Co., 1890
Map of Cincinnati and Environs, Rand, McNally & Co Indexed Atlas of the World. 1891
Topographic Sheet, West Cincinnati, U.S. Geographic Survey, 1898
Topographic Sheet, East Cincinnati, U.S. Geographic Survey, 1898

Sanborn Insurance Maps of Cincinnati, Ohio on-line, 1904 - 1930 - The Public Library of Greater Cincinnati



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More Maps

 The Mayberry Map

Deep within the memory of the post war, Howdy Doody, Gerald McBoing Boing generation and on late night syndicated television with its echoing tales of cows wearing shoes and harangs of nipping it in the bud hangs a large city map in the Mayberrry Courthouse just behind Andy's desk.  But was it a detailed layout of the illusory town so many wished was real?  No, it was the 1929 Wagner map of Cincinnati.

Dave Scheuermann wondered about the map for years then one day while watching an episode on dvd freeze-framed an image of it.  "I was hoping to find a clue, maybe catch a word or two.  Well, no luck there,"  he told me in a recent email. "I did notice a landmark of a river on the map.  I pulled out  my Walmart Road Atlas from 2001 and looked at the cities that had rivers running thru them - Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis, and then Lo and Behold....Cincinnati!!!!  An exact match.  Then all the other land marks fell into place."

For those searching for Mayberry beyond their ashy TVLand looking glass, David built a castle in the air and placed it on the ground, literally.  In 2006, he and his wife Marsha constructed the Taylor Home Inn, a bed and breakfast in Clearwater, Wisconsin. The building plan,was based on dimensional estimates approximated while watching the show.  The courthouse set was reconstructed in the basement where the map is on display.

Under a starry Wisconsin sky the inn will surely reawaken the long lost wish for those who stay and maybe bring late night dreams of flying buzzards and flying crows way down south where the wind don't blow and the illusion once again that it was all actually real.

Wagner's Complete Map of Cincinnati and the Kentucky Cities, AC Wagner Co. publisher, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1929.
Excuse the quality.  I'm still looking for a copy of the original.