Somewhere between slowly giving way with his family gathered around and suddenly falling to the furrow, Henry died on November 7th, 1898. He was on his farm and the family had just brought in the crop and was preparing for the long winter ahead.

The cemetery at St. John's is on a hill, and in November the trees on its sorrowing crest would have been darkly defined against the sky to those that gathered to say their last. His children where there. They stood in the withered grass and listened to the preacher issuing the last words of a life lived and a life gone away.  Laced in between them were his grandchildren, some relatives, a few friends and neighbors and Maria. She was 19 when they married.

1880 Census

Maria Elizabeth Runck Sandman - Mother, February 6, 1840 - November 16, 1908

Children -

Anna Louise - Jan. 22, 1860 - Sunday morning, June 8th, 1913
Henry William - January 9, 1869 - Died of cramps, September 15, 1870
John - December 5, 1861 - April 28, 1923; married Ameila Fiege
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sandman Fliehman - January 25, 1864 - August 6, 1914
Jacob - October 29, 1866 - May 14, 1936 Spouse - Lizzie Martini
Margret "Maggie" Sandman Gabelein Leffler - April 17, 1871 - December 5, 1935
William "Willie" - May 9th, 1873 - July 16, 1950
George - September 11, 1875 - July 24, 1957
Ludwig "Louis" - June 24th, 1881 - February 14, 1942
Heinrich Albert "Bert" - July 24, 1884 - July 29, 1949
Anna Mary Sandman Stutzman - April 4th, 1878 - July 14, 1959


Saint John's founding members

Church history - Saint John's Westminster Union Church website pdf

St. John's Church traces its origin to February 17, 1850, when a group of immigrants came to Runck's old schoolhouse on Rapid Run Rd. in Cincinnati, Ohio to organize a church.

Runck Schoolhouse from Delhi: Cincinnati's Westside by Christine Mersch,

More St. John's, Delhi information coming soon















nation-lion-map-imageWytfliet, 1597

A General Map of the Middle British Colonies, in America, Lewis Evans, sold by R Dodsley in Pall-Mall, London and by the author in Philidelphia, 1755,

A General Map of the Middle British Colonies in America, published by M.Lewis Evans, hand colored, 1771.

The United States, William Mcmurry, late assistant geographer of the U.S, 1784.  The Library of Congress offers this in two sections.  I merged them here as one.  No other photoshop work was done.

After they were married, Henry and Maria moved up the hill to Delhi Township where Maria was raised and her family still lived. In 1864, Henry bought some land there which was surveyed earlier into a 27 acre parcel using Beech trees and a wheat400stone in the middle of the road. It was just up from that stone that Henry built his house and raised his family.

The surveyor's mark is gone, now, and so is the house that Henry built. The homestead was turned into a housing subdivision in the 1970's and every part of the land was sectioned into small lots with a house built on each, except of the area where Henry's home once stood. Today, it's the last empty space waiting for another couple to come along, eager to start a family and build a house of their own, while removing the traces of one that remains - scattered red chimney bricks, a broken stone foundation, rusted metal roofing, bottles and broken dishes.

Aerial Photographs of the farm and maps created by Hamilton County, Ohio.

1864 Deed
1866 Deed
1906 Deed

Hamilton County Williams Directory Sandman listings: 1887, 1889

Hamilton County Transfer Card

The Lang Brothers plan of the Sandman homestead housing development, 1969

Delhi Township Maps - 1847, 1869, 1884

flower-seed-400Henry first became an America citizen in the fall of 1858, swearing to support her constitution and forever rejecting "every Foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatsoever", then in February of the following year took Maria Runck as his wife, quietly, in a small church just north of the river, swearing his honor forever and rejecting all others as before. 

We don't know how or where they met. Maria probably went downtown to help her parents and brothers sell the food they grew on their farm in Delhi.  Maybe they hired Henry to help unload their wagons and from there they noticed one another, or maybe it was something different with Henry seeing Maria in the market one day and liking something about her way, the smile she gave her customers or maybe the rural turn of her nature that could only have been created growing up on a hillsides not so far away.

The church that married Henry and Maria is still performing weddings today. It's now called Salem United Methodist.  They're currently located on Sycamore and Liberty in downtown Cincinnati.  It's a red brick building built in 1869, just two blocks north of their original location.

Congratulation Henry and Maria on 150 years, 1859-2009

Henry's citizenship document
Williams Cincinnati Directory Third German Reform listing - 1859
Titus Atlas of Downtown listing Third German Reform Church location, 1869
David Rumsey Map Collection, Cartography Associates
Third German Reform Church image
Reverend Conrad Saure's picture
Third German Reformed Constitution, written in German
Salem Evangelical & Reformed Church Centennial Souvenir Booklet. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Henry and Maria's Marriage registration
Louise Anna Sandman Baptism registration