flower-seed-400Henry first became an America citizen in the fall of 1858, swearing to support her constitution and forever rejecting "every Foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatsoever", then in February of the following year took Maria Runck as his wife, quietly, in a small church just north of the river, swearing his honor forever and rejecting all others as before. 

We don't know how or where they met. Maria probably went downtown to help her parents and brothers sell the food they grew on their farm in Delhi.  Maybe they hired Henry to help unload their wagons and from there they noticed one another, or maybe it was something different with Henry seeing Maria in the market one day and liking something about her way, the smile she gave her customers or maybe the rural turn of her nature that could only have been created growing up on a hillsides not so far away.

The church that married Henry and Maria is still performing weddings today. It's now called Salem United Methodist.  They're currently located on Sycamore and Liberty in downtown Cincinnati.  It's a red brick building built in 1869, just two blocks north of their original location.

Congratulation Henry and Maria on 150 years, 1859-2009

Henry's citizenship document
Williams Cincinnati Directory Third German Reform listing - 1859
Titus Atlas of Downtown listing Third German Reform Church location, 1869
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Third German Reformed Constitution, written in German
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Henry and Maria's Marriage registration
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