Every passing generation casts an illuminating impression into the malleable soil of life's mercurial surface. Most forms are inconsiderable. They glitter momentarily then quickly dissolve into the ether. But the deeper work furrowed into the passionate loam, often produces qualities that endure and burn brightly, near timelessly - like starlight from a source that has long since joined the night.

From the Charm of the East with her bare sloping shoulder to the businessmen in the Pullman car with the Pullman Porter, each of the lithographs below were created in 19th century Cincinnati, save the Whirling Wonders of 1902.  I included it mostly because of the great difficulty the artist must have had in drawing the riders in their proper perspective against an angled and circular surface.

Charm of the East tobacco label 1872 300
Charm Of The East, 1872, O.P. Shattuck
Strobridge & Co. Lithographers, Cincinnati, Ohio

beautiful Indian maidens ca1899 400-2The Beautiful Indian Maidens Poster, 1899
Enquirer Job Printing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

Kabrich 1886-400
Charles H. Kabrich
The Only Bike-Chute Aeronaut, 1886
Donaldson Lithographic Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

roeber 1898 400
Ernst Roeber, 1898
Copyright and creator: Russell-Morgan,
 U.S. Printing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
 Performing elephant 1874 400
The Performing Elephant
Gibson & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
wild wheel whirl wonders 1902 400
The 7 Wild Wheel Whirl Wonders, 1902
Strobridge Litho. Co., Cincinnati, Ohio 
 IndustrialExpo 1883 400
Eleventh Cincinnati Industrial Expo., 1883,
Chromolithograph. Copyright & creator:
Krebs Lithographing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio

scarf act 1874 400 The Scarf Act, 1874
Gibson & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

two-horse act 1874 400
The Two-Horse Act, 1874
Gibson & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

Formosa chewing label 1872 400 
Spence Brothers & Co., 1872, Cinti., Ohio
Strobridge Co. & Lithographers, Cincinnati, Ohio

the lion family 1874 3000 400
The Lion Family, 1874
Gibson & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
Pullman 1894 400 
Pullman Poster, January 27th, 1894
Strobridge & Co. Lithographers, Cincinnati, Ohio
 the lion queen 1874 400
The Lion Queen, 1874
Gibson & Co., publisher
Cincinnati, Ohio
lion tamer 1873 gibsonco-400 
The Lion Tamer, circa 1873,
Chromolithograph.  Copyright and creator:
Gibson & Co., publisher

The printing ink, dyes and pigments for many of these lithographs were probably made by Ault & Wiborg of Cincinnati.  Levi Ault was considered the father of Cincinnati parks and donated the land to create Ault Park.  Coloranthistory.org has detailed information about the company here.

These images can be found at the Library of Congress.  They were all published before January 1, 1923 and are considered in the public domain with no known copyright restrictions.   Copyright duration guidelines of the U.S. Copyright office.