After they were married, Henry and Maria moved up the hill to Delhi Township where Maria was raised and her family still lived. In 1864, Henry bought some land there which was surveyed earlier into a 27 acre parcel using Beech trees and a wheat400stone in the middle of the road. It was just up from that stone that Henry built his house and raised his family.

The surveyor's mark is gone, now, and so is the house that Henry built. The homestead was turned into a housing subdivision in the 1970's and every part of the land was sectioned into small lots with a house built on each, except of the area where Henry's home once stood. Today, it's the last empty space waiting for another couple to come along, eager to start a family and build a house of their own, while removing the traces of one that remains - scattered red chimney bricks, a broken stone foundation, rusted metal roofing, bottles and broken dishes.

Aerial Photographs of the farm and maps created by Hamilton County, Ohio.

1864 Deed
1866 Deed
1906 Deed

Hamilton County Williams Directory Sandman listings: 1887, 1889

Hamilton County Transfer Card

The Lang Brothers plan of the Sandman homestead housing development, 1969

Delhi Township Maps - 1847, 1869, 1884