Delhi: Cincinnati's Westside by Christine Mersch

From Erlenbach bei Kandel, in the district of Germersheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, several came to Cincinnati in the early 1800's and established farms in Delhi.  I was told that, at one time, the farm pictured above was a large strawberry operation that extended well into what is now the Western Hill Country Club.  The house is still standing, though vinyl siding was put on to help preserve the deteriorating brick.  It's located at 1053 Ebenezer Road.  A similar house is just around the corner on Rapid Run Road across from the Delhi Fire Department.  Both were constructed about the same time and probably by the same builder.

Additional Runck History Decsendants of Jean Ranc | The Ronken Family Story

Conrad Runck, farmer 1745 in ?
Magdalena Steiner in 1770 in Erlenbach,1745 in. E., confirmed in 1758 +21.01.1828
(Magdalena's parents, Geo. Steiner, Born1710, married 1-20-34 to Anna Eva Pfalzgraf born10-4-1710 in Erlenbach Pfalz and she died May 22, 1788)
Children: (1) Philipp Daniel Runck

Philipp Daniel Runck, farmer 1774 in Erlenbach, confirmed in E. 1786 + 25.11.1831 lived in Erlenbach, Hauptstr. 54
Maria Elisabetha Wüst, 25.11.1794, 1771 i.E. + 30.12.1850
Children: Johannes Runck, married Maria Elisabeth Weidner, his second wife, Godparents to Jacob Sandman
...............Jacob IV Runck  12.01.1802 in Erlenbach

Jacob IV Runck 12.01.1802 in Erlenbach -
Eva Margaretha Hummel 08.11.1800 in Freckenfeldchucherlenbach100
Children: Maria Elizabeth, Daniel, Jacob Jr. Details of all three below:

Maria Elizabeth Runck - February 6th, 1840 in Erlenbach, Germersheim, Bayern.*  Baptized in the Church of Erlenbach, February 9th (right)
Johann Heinrich Sandmann, husband, Hanover, Germany June 12, 1834 - Nov. 7,1898
Children: Louse, Henry, John, Elizabeth, Jacob, Maggie, William, George, Ludwig, Albert, Mary

Daniel Runck - born January 25th, 1828

Jacob Runck Jr. - March 6, 1833, November 21, 1902.
Margaret Fulweiler or Vollweiler Runck, wife, December 14, 1830 - August 1, 1909  Mother: Katherine Kern.
Children (11): Eliz, Dec 24, 1853 - Mar. 9, 1916; Geo, June, 1856; Mary Pieper, Sept 29, 1858 - Aug. 25, 1915; Peter, 1861 - Dec. 14, 1928; Daniel, Nov. 1861 - Nov. 2, 1924 (found passed in Manischewitz Baking Co where he was employed, 838 W. 6th St.); Ottillie Werner, October 10, 1864 - Sept. 18, 1942; Margaret Stephenson, July 10, 1866 - May 20, 1941; Jacob, 1869; Amelia Gelbke, Feb. 21,1870 - Aug. 2, 1937; William, 1871 - Sept. 9, 1947; Alfred, Sept. 7,1876 - Dec. 12, 1947.

Ortsfamilienbuch Erlenbach

*Source: Werner Esser, Ortsfamilienbuch from Erlenbach, Volkshochschule Kandel e. V. in Kandel, Germany, 2010 (from Conrad Runck to Maria Elizabeth, above).  The book is written in German and costs 51 USD.  He's planning on publishing the genealogy of the families that immigrated and would appreciate any help.

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